Thank you! so very much for stopping by my website! Parisienne by c.mélanie is a design studio specializing in surface patterns and repeats. I'm Mélanie the graphic designer behind Parisienne. I share my passion for culture exploration through my work, and by playing with all kind of media. My new obsession is watercolors and you'll see it throughout my recent collections. Add my love of flowers along with my global experiences and you'll get an idea of who is Parisienne: feminine-floral eclectic with a touch of refined parisian style. 


I'm a surface pattern designer based in the Portsmouth area in New Hampshire. My love for textile started a long time ago, beginning by watching my mom sewing our family's clothes as a little girl. This love took its full bloom when I moved to China in 2005 and learnt what became a true passion: pattern.

Over the last 10 years, I've been nurturing this passion and learnt about colors, balance and repeat with patience and dedication. I've worked for companies such as Blissliving Home (USA) and Côté Table (France)... I traveled around the globe to source fabrics and meet suppliers gaining a thorough understanding of various production processes.

It's safe to say that Parisienne started taking shape when I became the mom of 2 beautiful little ones and relocated in the US. I wanted to stay connected with the profession and freelancing was the best way to live the crazy life of a creative mom.  

When it came time to name my business I choose Parisienne, after the place I grew up. It's a reminder of what shaped my style and who I am  (French forever!). It also the nickname I've been given when I left Paris to study in Province .

I see music, I hear colors...