Parisienne partners with Pelican Seven studio on side projects. If you need to create new products line or develop your brand identity, send us an email and we'll talk about your needs. 

Meet the team!

We also provide:

Trend forecast

We create custom made trend books to provide inspiration for new collections in the Home Decor market.

Together we discuss your needs and explore the depth of your market.

Our goal is to give you the tools to develop beautiful and coherent collections that reflect the upcoming trends in your field of expertise.

We give you  the keys to understand what is on today to design a beautiful tomorrow.

Colors / Texture / Pattern  - We deliver pdf files that will help you envision your futur products. 

Market research

We create market researches, designed to ensure you understand your product potential.

We combine research, analysis and trend shopping into expressive deliverables that crystallize our findings and bring your best course of action to light.

We deliver the meaningful results you need to make confident business decisions.

Product design

We create new opportunities through products, furniture, and packaging. 

We deliver in-depth insights on making the strongest impact possible to your market with a unique approach to product and packaging design.


To see more products and packaging please click to the Pelican Seven Studio's link bellow.

Brand identity

Custom logo design, full brand packages, brand design boards, and so much more. To see a full list of our services please click on the Pelican Seven link bellow.

We strive to make each and every project different than the other. We look for clients who are ready to brand their business from the ground up and willing to step outside of the box.

We believe in creating unique brands and experiences with our clients.